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Swedish Massage

Let all your tensions melt away with this traditional massage to relax your body, relief stress, and improve circulation.

60-Minutes $75

90-Minutes $90

Lava Stone Massage

Smooth river rocks polished to glide over your skin providing heat and earthy connection. This massage can be very repairing for tired muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system.

60-Minutes $90

90-Minutes $120

Hot Mama Massage

Pregnancy is a time of many changes in the body. Although strong detoxification services are not advised at this time, prenatal massage is a way to balance, re-charge and revitalize! Soothe sore muscles and joints and prepare your body for birth.

60-Minutes $75

Deep Tissue Release

A massage using sustained deep strokes, friction, and trigger point therapy to target inner layers of muscles and connective tissues. Ideal for sports injuries or muscle tension caused by repetitive motion.

 60-Minutes $85

90-Minutes $100

Cupping Massage 

This deeply therapeutic massage uses the negative pressure of cups for the benefit of detoxification, increased circulation, tension relief, and skin rejuvenation.

60-Minutes $80

90-Minutes $100

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