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Body Contouring

Ultrasonic Cavitation​

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses ultrasonic waves to liquefy fat in targeted areas. In this non-invasive technique, ultrasound waves break down the cell membrane which allows the fat to leak out into the lymphatic system. 'Pinchable' fat on the waist, stomach, arms, buttocks, sides, and back can be treated. Hydration, proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle during this treatment are all necessary for the body to release fat through excretion. Tighten, tone, and contour with this service.

60-minute treatment - 1 body area starting at $110

Packages available

Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Electronic Muscle Stimulation uses steady impulses to stimulate the contraction of muscles. The Electrical Muscle Stimulator produces micro-currents by way of electrodes. Its impulses target the motor nerves so that muscle groups must exercise passively by expanding and contracting. This enhances muscle strength, density, and endurance, and helps with fat reduction. It helps to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, remove toxins, relieve pain, speeds up muscle recovery, and tones saggy skin. One can likely experience typical muscle soreness post treatment. Treatments lasts about 45 minutes, and the recommended frequency is 2-3 sessions per week for best results.

This service is not recommended if you have any concerns about the compatibility of your health. Please carefully read the contraindications listed below:

-Serious/Progressive Illness - Infection -Tingling in the limbs - Epilepsy - Pregnant - Cancer

- Blood clotting disorder - Fever - Heart Problems - Pain or redness in treatment area -

EMS has been widely used in physical therapy, fitness training, and beauty rejuvenation. Combining this treatment with regular exercise tones the muscle and promotes beneficial results that will be longer lasting.

30 to 45 Minute Treatment - $75

Needle-Free Mesotherapy

Needle-free mesotherapy is a process that dissolves subcutaneous (pinchable) fat using electroporation to deliver a water-soluble fat-dissolving solution into the skin. Large treatment areas include the entire abdomen, waist, inner thighs, hips, or back. Small treatment areas, up to two can be chosen, include double-chin, love handles, lower and upper abdomen, upper arms, or 'moobs'. 

90 Minute Treatment (Large Area) - $150

90 Minute Treatment (Small Area) - $125

All services and gift certificates must be redeemed within one year of the purchase date.

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